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Our pets are important members of our family. Their unconditional love and devotion are treasures of endless comfort and joy.

When you lose your pet to circumstances beyond your control, such as having to move and not being able to take your pet with you, your loss is just as sad and powerful as if your pet had passed while still in your care.

Whether your pet has a disease, or is suffering the physical disabilities of old age, we at Ashland Animal Hospital will work with you to do everything possible to prolong and assist in preserving their quality of life.

The time may come when nature takes its course regardless of the treatment provided, and we will counsel you on what we feel is best for your animal. The decision of helping them pass over to Pet Heaven is never easy.

When you are struggling to make that difficult decision, consider their quality of life. When they can no longer do the things they love, or when they are having more bad days than good days it may be time to consider humane euthanasia.

Sometimes our pets suffer in silence, holding on while their people work through other difficult life circumstances. Take the time to sit and be still with your pet. Look in their eyes and listen with your heart. Our pets will often tell us when they are ready.

Although it is unbearably painful to say goodbye, doing so in a caring, supportive environment makes their passing easier for your pet and your family. Knowing that you and your veterinary team did everything possible to sustain a high quality of life, and in the end were able to let them leave in peace and comfort, is the best gift you can give to your beloved friend.

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