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Dr. Davis take a closer look at a pet's digital x-ray.Ashland Animal Hospital offers both dental and full body digital x-rays to better diagnose and treat sick or injured pets.

Digital radiography provides x-ray images without the use of conventional film. This allows for the highest-quality images, while providing the lowest possible exposure of radiation to your pet.

Digital images can be computer enhanced to increase detail allowing our veterinarians to see fine detail and subtle changes.

Digital Dental X-rays Help Us Assess Your Pet's Oral Health

Digital Pet Dental X-rayAt Ashland Animal Hospital, we always provide a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment plan for pets when their teeth are cleaned. Digital dental x-rays with periodontal probing helps with our assessments. In fact, two thirds of our pets' teeth are under the gingiva (gums) and are not visible.

Digital dental x-rays can reveal subgingival (under the gums) foreign objects, cysts and tumors. We are also able to diagnose root abscesses and resorptive lesions (FORLs) in cats using these new diagnostic tools.

Our digital dental x-ray machine enables us to take oral x-rays and see the results in 5 seconds. It used to take 8 minutes for each film to be developed by hand. We now get better x-rays in less time, which means a shorter anesthesia time for your pet.

X-rays allow us to find problems that need attention. Studies have shown that without dental x-rays, significant problems are missed in up to 75% of pets.