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Robert Davis, DVM Retires

It is with mixed feelings that we announce Dr. Davis' farewell.

Dr. Davis has been an esteemed member of the local veterinary community for 42 years; 28 of those years here at Ashland Animal Hospital. He would like to leave his clients with these words:

dr roseanne bezzant dvm 200pxAs of May 2019, Dr. Roseanne Bezzant will be leaving us due to an upcoming relocation.

We thank Dr. Bezzant for her years of service at Ashland Animal Hospital, and we wish her the best of luck in future endeavors.

Read the following letter from our Chief of Staff Dr. Cathryn Cleveland as she announces the departure of one doctor and the arrival of two new associates.

We’re proud to share that our very own Dr. David Schwarz and technicians Josh Robshaw and Miriam Applin are certified BART trainers!

BART logoBART (Basic Animal Rescue Training) is a Department of Homeland Security-approved course that provides emergency personnel with the training, knowledge, and equipment necessary to safely and effectively address the needs of animals in emergency situations. 

Dr. Schwarz, Josh, Miriam, and Dr. Ilene Segal of Parkway Veterinary Hospital in West Roxbury, a friend and colleague of Dr. Schwarz, donate their time teaching first responders the important skills needed for disaster preparation. This includes animal restraint, handling, evacuation, first aid, resuscitation and more. 

You can save money on your pet medications at Ashland Animal Hospital!

Ashland Animal Hospital Special Veterinary OffersHeartworm medications and flea and tick control products purchased at Ashland Animal Hospital can be less expensive on a per dose cost because we offer free doses or additional free products with each purchase. Currently, we are offering:

  • Get 2 free doses of Revolution when you purchase a 6 month supply.

In Ashland and Holliston, the important job of animal control is under the supervision of Animal Control Officer (ACO) Donna Walsh. These responsibilities include help in locating lost pets, public health concerns (e.g., rabies) and emergency preparedness.

Pet SuppliesAshland Animal Hospital is proud to support the work of ACO Donna Walsh. The local shelter is maintained in Ashland by Officer Walsh. A donation of money or supplies is always welcome; please see our rescued animal's wish list below.

Fat Cat on a ScaleThere are many reasons your pet may need a special diet including:

  • gastrointestinal conditions
  • kidney disease
  • diabetes
  • liver disease
  • urinary tract disease
  • obesity

Although some of these diets can be obtained at the pet store, a 'prescription diet' may be needed. Prescription diets are only sold by veterinarians, because they can recommend the best diet possible based on the symptoms seen, physical examination, and with the help of lab work and diagnostics.

Dogs and cats can be overweight and obese just like humans! This is assessed by weighing them on a scale, and also using a body condition scoring (BCS) system. After performing a physical examination, we can make recommendations about exercise and diet management based on the individual case.