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What is Canine Influenza?

Canine Influenza, or “dog flu”, is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection caused by the influenza virus. There are multiple strains of influenza virus, but the two which cause disease in dogs include the H3N8 strain and the H3N2 strain. Canine influenza is spread by airborne secretions and contact with contaminated environments. Outbreaks are most commonly seen in situations where large groups of dogs are kept together such as occurs in shelters, kennels, boarding, grooming, and doggie day care facilities.

Symptoms of canine influenza include fever, lethargy, poor appetite, coughing, sneezing, and discharge from the eyes and nose. Most infected dogs will recover with supportive treatment.

Why Should I Vaccinate my Dog Against Influenza?

  1. Canine influenza is highly contagious in facilities where it has been introduced.
  2. This vaccine is required at a few of the boarding/grooming facilities in our area including Holliston Meadows Pet Resort.

For more information about Canine Influenza, refer to the Pet Owner’s Guide to Canine Influenza provided by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).