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A fecal exam is a microscopic exam of stool that screens for intestinal parasites in dogs and cats. Recommended annually, a fecal test is also advised if a patient is being admitted to the hospital for a procedure and:

  • never had a fecal test, or
  • has a history of intestinal parasites

More on Intestinal Parasites:

  • Dogs pick up a variety of intestinal parasites from contact with the feces of infected dogs or wildlife.
  • If left untreated, intestinal parasites can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and other medical problems.
  • Some intestinal parasites are zoonotic, meaning they have the potential to be transmitted to humans. Keeping your pet up-to-date on their yearly fecal exam helps protect not only your pet, but also your human family members from acquiring intestinal parasite infections. Young children and immunocompromised people are most at risk.

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