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Cat - Hamilton Family

"My family started going to Ashland Animal Hospital back when it first opened in Ashland’s old railroad depot I was just a little kid at the time. Over the years, Dr. Schwarz, Dr. Kardon, and many others have taken wonderful care of our pets... Three dogs (Josie, Mandy, and Kelly) and several cats (Pearl, Dinah, Mork, and Trouble, who always lived up to his name!).

As an adult, I moved down to Franklin, but when my husband and I got our current cats – MacGyver (Mac) and Rhiannon (Rio) – there was no question in my mind what animal hospital I was taking them to. No question at all, even though it means driving from my work in Framingham down to Franklin then back to Ashland and finally back home whenever they have an appointment.

I am especially appreciative of the relationship I’ve developed with David Schwarz over the years. I know all of the vets at the facility are very capable and I would trust my pets to any of them, but I always ask for Dr. David. He’s taken care of me as much as he has my animals and helped me through some difficult times with them. He got me in touch with the right specialists when Rio developed epilepsy and because of the care she gets, she’s been seizure-free for five years now.

AAH is a wonderful place filled with talented, devoted people and I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather take my animals when they need care."

— Susan Hamilton, Franklin, MA

Cats - Schreiner Family"My animals and I have been AAH customers/patients for over 15 years. I've had happy and sad moments there. Jeff K, David S, Sheila D. and Dr. Davis have all taken care of my 'children.' From the bubble eyed gold fish whose eye sac was sucked up into the fish tank filter and had to be rescued by me to the now one eyed shih-tzu and two tiger cats that I currently have... I've gone thru it all with animals. I will be a pet owner as long as I live... at least that's my plan... lol. Attached are the current pets... Prince, Princess #2 and Bella the one eyed wonder!"

Lynn Schreiner, Ashland, MA

Dog - Ware Family"I would like to thank you all for the loving care you gave to our beautiful golden Travis during his seven, way-too-short years of life. Special thanks go to Dr. Schwarz and Dr. Aldrich, who oversaw Travis's care toward the end. Dr. Schwarz's calls of concern and of sympathy were very much appreciated. In fact, Dr. Schwarz can be credited with Travis's middle name of 'Goofball,' aptly earned after he ate a pushpin as a puppy! I have attached a photo of my kids, Alex and Molly Barstow, with their boy last summer. The lake in New Hampshire was one of his favorite spots and he could swim for hours. He was a much loved dog and we will continue to miss him terribly."

Genie Ware, Holliston, MA

Dog Brisby - Pelissier Family"Brisby Pelissier loves going to Ashland Animal Hospital.

Thank you for taking good care of him today."

Roger Pelissier, Hopkinton MA

Dog & Cat - Boudreau Family"We are the second generation of Boudreaus to bring our furry loved ones to AAH. With the compassionate and thorough care my husband's childhood dog Casey received, there was no doubt that we would put the heath of our own pets in the care of Dr. Schwarz and the staff of AAH.

Genuine, sympathetic, and nurturing, are just a few words to describe our experience at AAH, and are why we feel that from the front desk to the exam room there is no place else that delivers this level of care and service."

Beth, Jason, Madison, Gus, and Ranger Boudreau, Holliston, MA

"I have been a client at Ashland Animal Hospital for over 12 years. AAH’s staff goes above and beyond all of my expectations; from the front desk to the amazing doctors and the assistants.

They are thorough, sensitive to all my pets’ needs and conservative when it comes to treatment. They are always available and willing to take us on a moments notice. I trust them with my pet's care and they seem to have the ability to make an unpleasant visit seem hopeful.

They are all about the care and quality of life, and never the bottom dollar. Thank you for always being there."

Robin Snow, Sherborn MA

Chris Snow – 12 1/2 yr old Golden
Bella Snow – 5 yr old gray tabby cat
Sammy Snow – 4 yr old gray tabby cat
and our beloved deceased Perry Snow –11 yr old Golden

Dogs Matteson Family"Although we live in Cambridge (26 miles away), we’ve been coming to the Ashland Animal Hospital since it first opened. We believe that AAH offers the best care available for our dogs.

The facilities and equipment have always been state of the art; however the real magic of the place is the Doctors and Staff. Over the years Doctors Bob, Geoffrey and David have been a source of joy and comfort for us in caring for our many golden retrievers.

We would not think of taking our dogs anywhere else."

Bill and Penny Matteson, Cambridge, MA

Kittens Garber Family"More than eleven years ago, when the Ashland Animal Hospital had a shelter, I scooped up my two fur-babies, Poodie and Goober. Although the 'cat singing' is very energetic on the long ride from Concord to Ashland, I always bring the boys there because of my complete faith in Dr. Bob Davis’ thoughtful, knowledgeable treatment and kindness. The whole Ashland Animal Hospital is a place of trust for me."

Ellie Garber, Concord, MA

dogs fay family"I have been a client of Ashland Animal Hospital for over 20 years. As a hobby breeder, dog show fancier, and most importantly, devoted pet owner, I have been impressed by the exceptional care, commitment and clinical expertise of the doctors, especially Dr. Geoffrey Kardon, at the animal hospital. Additionally, the rest of the staff, from behind the desks to the veterinary technicians, have always been extremely competent and courteous!"

Robin Fay, Hopkinton, MA

"I travel forty five minutes from Boston to the Ashland Animal Hospital for what I consider the best possible care for my dog and cat! The vets, techs and staff are terrific- they are knowledgeable, personable and professional.

I have a year old French Bull Dog, Otis, who has allergies and the staff at AAH have worked diligently on finding solutions for his itchiness. My twelve year old cat, Wiley, has Feline Diabetes and they taught me how to keep him healthy by maintaining a special diet and giving him insulin shots twice/day. I always leave AAH happy with the care my animals have received and confident in knowing that I can call at anytime if I have questions or concerns!"

Jana Karp, Boston, MA

Cat & Dog - Karp Family

dog shatkin family"I live in Brookline, but I drive 30 miles to see my veterinarian Dr. Bob Davis of Ashland Animal Hospital. In the past he had cared for my dog who contracted diabetes, and now he treats Daisy, who was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder at 5 months, and glaucoma at 7 years. Dr. Davis has always been so kind and gentle with my dogs, and totally competent in some tough situations. I have complete confidence when he is with my dog, even to the inevitable sad end. Dr. Davis communicates well, following through with his patients long after visits and surgeries. He cares deeply for his patients. He has no problem referring to a specialist, when the analysis warrants it. The support staff, receptionists & tech assistants, is friendly, warm, helpful, well-trained and qualified. Ashland Animal Care Center is an excellent veterinary experience."

— Stephen Shatkin, Brookline, MA

"I have been going to AAH since the 1980's. I have had seven pets loved and cared for by the doctors there. Over the years, through the good times and the sad times, everyone there has been incredibly conscientious and caring. My pets' quality of life and well being have always been a top priority at Ashland Animal Hospital!"

Jody Hoffstein, Southborough, MA

Pets Hoffstein Family

"We are now with our second set of miniature dachshunds, and have come back to Ashland Animal Hospital for their care with no hesitation. Thanks in part to the excellent care AAH provided - in addition to a healthy dose of love here at home – Angela and Micah lived to just shy of their 14th birthdays, and Jessica to almost 15. The last picture shows our current 'children,' Priscilla in foreground with Kimba behind her."

Don & Carolyn Tullis, Natick, MA

Dogs - Tullis Family

"Concern, support and the very best medical care a pet owner could want for their animal is what I have experienced in the almost forty years I have used the Ashland Animal Hospital for my cats' veterinary needs. Dr. Schwarz and the doctors and staff are committed to providing each patient with the finest treatment available with a thorough, yet gentle, hand. I am grateful for all the years of consistent quality care given to my pets and the honesty and kindness given to me."

Norma Goldberg, Framingham, MA

dog miller family"Our beagle lived to 19-1/2 years old! She was the oldest dog Framingham had ever registered in their records and the oldest dog Dr. Bob Davis has had in his practice. Lady was 5 years old, a run-away, and just had a litter of puppies when we found her and took her to Dr. Bob for a check-up. She had a wonderful, full life to the end due to the loving, great care that Dr. Bob gave her. We are so thankful to him for all the years we had Lady in our lives."

Andy and Marla Miller, Framingham, MA

"Our first appointment was in January of 2003 and it was love at first sight for 'our girls' Belle and Georgie. Dr. Kardon has become our Primary Care Vet. He is our true hero, although Drs. Schwarz, Davis and Aldrich have always been there for us when necessary. Dr. Kardon has seen us through a dog attack, a stroke, a couple of operations, minor bumps and bruises and has always 'made it better. 'He and the team at AAH always go the extra mile plus!

Dog - Marinelli FamilyThe Doctors and staff work so well together. Vicki, Denise, Pam and all the assistants are incredible. They are extremely professional, as well as very warm and helpful.

Belle and Georgie are now 15 and thriving. We have recently added Brie, a rescue dog, to our family. One of the best decisions we ever made was to join the Ashland Animal Hospital family."

Sincerely, Peg & Bernie Marinelli, Framingham, MA

Cats - Weatherbee Family"The Ashland Animal Hospital has not only provided my family with several wonderful cats over the years, it continues to give the best possible care for all their veterinary needs. The staff is thoroughly professional and incredibly caring. Dr. Bob Davis is simply the best there is! Even though we live a considerable distance away we wouldn't bring our pets anywhere else."

Steve & Cilla Weatherbee, Walpole, MA

Dog & Cat - Anderson Family"The 5 Anderson animals have had outstanding care from Ashland Animal Hospital for a dozen years provided by Dr. Davis, Dr. Schwarz and the rest of the staff. With so many animals in our family we very much appreciate the discounts for multiple animals.

We have noticed that scheduling at Ashland Animal Hospital has become very efficient. We are in and out in no time, barring an emergency that all pet owners understand. The staff at the front desk is also extremely welcoming.

I trust the staff at Ashland Animal Hospital completely. I have absolute confidence that any recommendation is based on the highest professional standards and a deep love of animals. In addition, basic good sense abounds at Ashland Animal Hospital. We’re grateful."

Nancy Anderson, Hopkinton, MA

Dog - Baron Family"We bring our Tibetan Terrier, Mingus, from Brookline to Ashland Animal Hospital because they don’t just care about his health – they care about him. Mingus has been through a lot since being diagnosed with diabetes about 18 months ago. Dr. Davis has been so caring, thoughtful and considerate that Mingus loves to go visit “Dr. Bob.” Our gratitude for the care Mingus has received at Ashland Animal Hospital is beyond words."

Bob & Angela Baron, Brookline, MA

Dogs Laci & Dakota Schultz"When I speak of family, I always include Dakota and Laci, our golden retriever and cockapoo. Since birth, both have been under the care of Ashland Animal Hospital; only the best for my babies. Whether sick or just a routine visit, my dogs are treated with an abundance of love and care. I have had a great comfort level on each and every visit.

I have never once waited for an appointment. The people there make it all possible; the staff is impeccable and we love them very much. Although you all do a fantastic job, I admit I do have my favorites -Thank You Vicki, Denise, and Dr. Schwarz! Thank you all so very much. "

Love, The Schultz Family, Hopkinton, MA

"Our sheepdog Jenny had been diagnosed with terminal cancer with no treatment available at another hospital. With Dr. Davis' advice and guidance she lived another happy and comfortable four months. Dr. Davis has been our 'guardian angel' ever since through the lifetime of our Wheaten Terrier, Bailey, and now our new puppy Bridie. Compassion, sound medical advice, always there in good and bad... there is no better!"

Peggy Whitefield and Michael Allosso, Wayland, MA

Dogs - Whitefield-Allosso Family

Puppy Georgie Miller"Dr. Bob took excellent care of my parents' two beagles - one of which lived almost 20 years despite numerous health issues. When my girlfriend and I got a new puppy, Georgie, Dr. Bob was our only choice to be his veterinarian. Even though we live in Jamaica Plain - only a five minute walk from the MSPCA - we travel to Ashland Animal Hospital so that Georgie can see Dr. Bob. Dr. Bob isn't just our veterinarian, but a great friend. We wouldn't entrust our puppy's well being to anyone else."

Scott Miller, Jamaica Plain, MA

"My 13 dogs have received exceptional care at Ashland Animal Hospital for over 8 years. They have experienced surgeries, routine and emergency exams and I am deeply satisfied with the treatment they have received. The veterinary staff provides a perfect balance of expertise and compassion. The support staff is very professional, caring and accommodating. I highly recommend the services of the Ashland Animal Hospital to anyone who wants the best for their pets!"

Denise Chmielinski, Ashland, MA (and the rest of the Chmielinski family!)

Dogs - Chmielinski Family

Dog - Mulleneaux Family"Finding Dr. Davis was one of the best things I've done for my dog. What sets Bob apart from others is that you immediately see he genuinely loves animals and wants what's best for your pet. He avoids the temptation of going for quick fixes by over prescribing pills and works with you on doing what's best for your dog. He's not afraid of telling you, the pet owner, the truth about what's going on.

Dr. Davis is great at arranging his time so he gets to know your pet. A good, solid person with great people skills and he's a damn good veterinarian."

Lance Mulleneaux, Brookline, MA

Cat - Whittle Family"When our cat Dilbert arrived with us from the UK in 2003, a neighbor recommended Ashland Animal Hospital for the incredible quality of care. Thankfully we took this advice, and Dilbert enjoyed the very best of care, though he was often berated for his increasing weight. Problem was that we could give him calorie controlled portions, but he kept on catching and eating full-fat chipmunks. Sadly Dilbert fell ill with lymphoma. Dr Wolf and the team at AAH were marvelous, giving us clear explanations and helping us to make difficult decisions. Cathy, Joss and I would like to praise the way everyone handled Dilbert's terminal care with such compassion and kindness. Thank you."

John Whittle

"I have been a client with Ashland Animal Hospital for over 4 yrs. We have always had a wonderful experience there. The staff and doctors are always highly responsive, very sympathetic and do everything they can to fit us in for an appointment. We recently had to put our 13 yo dog Ginger down, and would like to thank Dr. Kardon and the staff for their assistance with caring for Ginger and their outstanding support throughout that process. Our black lab Lola continues to visit and we will be bringing our new girl Ruby to see you folks very soon!

Thank you so much for your outstanding patient care and we look forward to seeing you all on a happier note very soon!"

Karen Margeson, Framingham, MA

"As a professional dog trainer, I look for professional care of my own personal dogs as well as a veterinary clinic that I feel confident to refer my customers to. At Ashland Animal, I get that professional care and confidence from the minute I am greeted by the front desk staff, to the knowledgeable Doctors on staff.

My two retrievers have been patients at Ashland Animal Hospital for the last 7 years."

Dave Cartier, Hopkinton, MA

"We travel over 100 miles round trip to Ashland from Lowell because we feel it is the best medical care for our pets. The entire staff is wonderful; they are caring, professional and courteous.

We bring our 8 year old Lab Shady Lady to see Dr. Davis on a regular basis. He has been both our veterinarian and friend since 1981. Our family has been a client of Ashland Animal Hospital since it first opened. It is the only place we would have our pets treated."

Peg Marchesi, Lowell, MA

"I was a client of Dr. Bob Davis's since 1979 when he worked in Weston. He always made you feel like your animal was the best and most wonderful animal he had ever seen.

I followed him when he opened his hospital in Ashland. Once a year I would cart all 10 of my animals there for their annual exam. It would take a couple of hours, but Bob always made the trek pleasant and fun. The front office staff was the best. They were always friendly and helpful; you could tell they loved working there.

I moved to Arizona nine years ago, and have been to at least ten vets here and no one measures up. There is no one like Bob and his sincere love and respect for animals and the quality of care he gives. He is simply the best vet I have ever met!"

Pam Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ (formerly of Weston, MA)